Bobby and Sadie sit together, ConEd Hawkery - February 6th, 2018

Bobby and Sadie were sitting next to each other when I first arrived at Washington Square Park today.

Bobby on the left:

Bobby flew southward less than two minutes after I spotted the Hawks. 


Sadie leaving the perch after another 6 minutes:

She went south too. I searched for the Hawks the block south of the park and saw one of them fly in the direction of the park with a large object in its talons. It looked like a pigeon. There are a couple of pigeon flocks that reside in that area. 

The Hawk didn't return to the park grounds with the pigeon so I scanned the building tops for a mass of plucked feathers getting tossed in the air but had no luck. 

I was back in the park 20 minutes later when I saw one of the Hawks circle over the eastern side of the park then tuck in and dive right to and land on the ConEd tower. It was quite the sight to see one of our Hawks turn itty bitty and land on the tower far away.

The Hawk left the tower without my noticing.

The tower as seen from the park:

I spent the next half hour looking for the other Hawk but didn't spot it until the pigeons' and Starlings' panic announced its arrival.

It was Bobby who had scared the birds when he landed on the northwestern building perch: 

He flew from one park corner building to the other:

It was raw and chilly out and I had to run so I left with Bobby on his perch.