Bobby and Sadie visit the nest then fly and depart together - February 13th, 2018

A Hawk was on the ConEd tower when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

I don't know if it was the same Hawk but Sadie flew from the northeast and like a shot over the Bobst Library (location of the Hawk nest) 15 minutes later:

I suspected she might be on her 3rd Street heat vent like usual so I rushed over and was happy to find her there:

A Cooper's Hawk decided to hunt pigeons near Sadie. It tucked into a nice dive:

It almost caught one but all of a sudden Sadie leapt off her perch and dove into the crowd, dispersing all the birds. She then flew past me and turned the corner, heading toward the park.

The back of Bobst Library on the left:

I just reached the park when I saw her land on one of the eastern flag poles:

Bobby was in the nest, apparently tidying the sticks. Sadie soon flew in and joined him:

She flew out a minute later:

She circled low over the park square. Bobby then flew out and they circled over the western trees for a spell before following each other north out of the park.


20 minutes passed when all of a sudden Bobby returned to the park, landing on One Fifth:

All was quiet for a while except for some panicked flights by park pigeons and Starlings. I didn't see what was making them so nervous though.


Bobby was pretty restful so I decided to leave after another 20 minutes. 

Bobby was on One Fifth and Sadie was on the ConEd tower: