Surprise juvenile Hawk, Bobby and Sadie cavort around town - February 9th, 2018

I was on my way to Washington Square Park when I noticed the unmistakable shape of a Hawk on a building at the intersection of Lafayette and Great Jones Streets:

A different perspective of this building from a Google maps search:

Great Jones Street becomes West 3rd Street (the block south of the park).

The juvie flew overhead and further east after several seconds:

It was a lucky and charming sight.

The Washington Square Hawk nest looks like it has some new twigs in it: 

A Hawk was on the ConEd tower while I walked around the park looking for its mate:

A half hour passed so I decided to get close to the tower and see if the Hawks would fly in or around Union Square Park (which sits under the shadow of the ConEd tower).

I saw no Hawks in that park so I returned to Washington Square. Both Hawks were home when I returned:

Bobby was on the northwest building and Sadie was on the southwest building.

Bobby flew to Sadie and sat next to her:

I was hoping to see some mating but they sat still and relaxed instead.

Bobby flew off the perch 15 minutes later:

He circled near her for a few minutes before heading toward the ConEd tower.

Incoming Hawk in the upper left hand corner:

Sadie joined him a minute later (wings extended as she lands behind Bobby):

She then hopped over to sit closer to Bobby:

I left the park with the two love Hawks still sitting on the tower together.