3rd egg for the Washington Square Park Hawks - March 30th, 2018

It was right around 11:40AM this morning when I noticed Sadie behaving as though she were about to lay another egg.

She hunched above the other two eggs, started to pant, and circle around as if trying to get into a comfortable position in the nest. Her body subtly undulated several times and then she rested on the nest. It looked very much like the egg was laid at 11:44AM.

She took a little nap and finally stood up 12:17PM to reveal all three eggs on the live Nest Cam. The new egg is the one on the left:

She rolled all three eggs underneath her then rested on them to incubate.  

The first egg was laid on March 24th and the second one on March 27th

If all three eggs hatch and the babes grow nice and strong and fledge as usual, we are going to have quite the busy summer following the youngsters around the park!


Updated: Bobby brought a new rope to the nest and then Sadie left the nest for a break. The screenshot below is of Bobby standing next to the three eggs right before lying down to incubate them at 1:01PM:


Mama Hawk has a preen break. Bobby mates with her on roof - March 28th, 2018

Mama Sadie Hawk was taking a nest break on Judson Memorial Church when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

I thought she was going to fly into the nest but she landed on top of Bobst Library instead:

The Hawks are always surprising us.

Off to the corner top of the building:

She flew over the park and perched on NYU's Silver Center, a building diagonal from the nest: 

She had only been on Silver for a few seconds when Bobby flew out of the nest and mated with her: 

He then flew toward but past the nest and landed on the building next door:

You can see the library, Kimmel (where Bobby landed in the photo above), and Judson Church in the maps screenshot below for context:


Sadie herself flew into the nest:

I spotted Bobby atop the southwestern corner building 6 minutes later:

I didn't have a chance to get closer because he dove off and flew to the east side:

He circled east of the park for 4 minutes before rising high in the sky and diving and landing on the ConEd building tower:


Meanwhile, the Hawks have done an impressive job of folding and tucking a long piece of industrial-looking paper/fabric brought into the nest bowl yesterday into a nice cushion for the two eggs. I took the two screen shots below while watching the live nest cam.

Bobby yesterday:

Sadie today:

2nd egg for the Washington Square Park Hawks - March 27th, 2018

It was around 11:25AM when I noticed Sadie get restless and unsettled on her egg. She looked uncomfortable and was showing signs that she was going to lay another egg. Her breathing accelerated, she hovered over the nest bowl, and within a few minutes she had laid her second egg. The whole process took just a few minutes, around the same amount of time it took for her to lay her first egg.

A screenshot I took at 11:29, shortly after her 2nd egg appeared in view on the live nest cam:

At 11:48:

[Updated with video] Egg for Washington Square Park Hawks - March 24th, 2018

Sadie laid her first egg of 2018 today. I had been watching the live Hawk cam and around 1:10PM it became increasingly obvious that she was in 'labor'. I would guess the egg was delivered between 1:10-1:15. 

Sadie has since been lying down in the nest as if incubating, getting up and maneuvering an object between her legs, then settling back down as though to incubate. She's been that way ever since (it's 2:41PM right now) so it's safe to say she has laid an egg!

Update: 4:30PM - Bobby and Sadie have been switching egg-warming duty the last few hours and all is looking well. Here's to hoping they have a happy and healthy brood this year!

6:30PM: Here is some footage from today's incubating and a peek at the egg at the end as Sadie lifts new paper off of it and when she rolls it underneath her:

Turkey Vulture flyover and a bit of Hawk mating - March 23rd, 2018

A pair of Turkey Vultures circled over Washington Square Park soon after I arrived today. They flew high above for a couple of minutes then traveled further east.

Sadie zipped to the top of One Fifth as they were leaving:

She circled around One Fifth and appeared to land on a mystery area toward the back:

I was going to investigate but then I noticed Bobby was in the nest (but not for long):

I heard bagpipes and saw the lights of an FDNY vehicle on Washington Place on a block east of the park. They reminded me that it was the annual memorial for the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911

I headed over to the ceremony and got there just as the FDNY truck was lowering its ladder. I interpreted the raising and lowering of the ladder as a way of both commemorating the efforts of the firefighters back then and also a regret that the men on that day could not reach all the victims (ladders could only reach the 7th floor at the time). It's a truly heartbreaking part of our city's history.

You can see the building from the live Hawk nest cam:


The congregants dispersed so I returned to the park grounds.

It wasn't long before I saw Sadie fly to one of the NYU flags. She was calling out as she flew:

She only perched for two minutes before flying to the area the Hawks like to hang out a few blocks north of the park.

Bobby circled over the park but was a bitty speck before disappearing east.

Sadie then flew over the park and headed behind One Fifth again. I didn't see her fly out the other side so I knew she must have found a new perch there. I found her sitting on some construction scaffolding:

Bobby landed above her:

He was gone within a minute. Sadie too:

She had been on that scaffolding for about 20 minutes.

She then landed on the corner of NYU's Silver Center building (next to the flag she was on earlier):

She called out again and again:

She and Bobby then flew above the east side of the park together. I lost where Sadie went until I saw Bobby descend and mate with her:

He landed on a building across the park from her. They both perched for another 20 minutes until Bobby flew to the nest. Sadie flew in seconds later:

Bobby flew out after a minute. I left the park with Sadie still in the nest.