Bobby in the nest, he and Sadie chase a third Hawk from the park - March 5th, 2018

My visit to Washington Square Park today was brief but action-packed! 

I watched Sadie on the nest cam for a few minutes before she flew out shortly before 8AM this morning:

 When I got to the park a few hours later I first saw her flying around the western buildings:

I noticed that Bobby was in the nest while Sadie circled above the southern border of the park:

He flew out of the nest and joined Sadie with her circling:

A third Hawk appeared and circled with them very high above the park. All three Hawks went their separate ways after several minutes. There didn't seem to be any real aggression between the Hawks. Unfortunately I was not able to get a good photo of the visitor.

One of the Hawks tucked into a dive away from the park:

I saw one of the Hawks on the ConEd tower 10 minutes after the park drama ended:

It looked like it was break time for the Hawks so I left the park for the day.