Egg watch: Sadie's previous egg-laying timeline - March 11th, 2018

Sadie and Bobby have been spending much more time in the nest lately, clearly gearing up for the imminent egg laying. They've been bringing softer materials (leaves, bark, soft tree bits, and newspaper) especially to the egg bowl the last few days.

Sadie laid her first egg of 2016 on March 13th (confirmed on the 14th) and her first egg of 2017 on March 11th. She laid an egg on March 19th (confirmed on the 20th) in 2015 but there was no Hawk cam set up that year.

Be sure to watch the live Hawk Cam for the action. I recorded some fun footage of both Hawks working on the nest, flying in and out, and otherwise attending to the nest over the last couple of days. At one point it took Bobby only seven seconds to fly to the nest after Sadie flew out of it: