Mega action: Bald eagle and Hawk nest visits - March 9th, 2018

I watched on the nest cam this morning as Bobby brought a couple of supplies to the nest; at first a stick and then a piece of bark.

I spotted Sadie flying into the nest when I arrived at the park about a half hour later:

I noticed a large bird circling in the sky west of the park and thought it might be Bobby but it sure looked awfully big. It was being followed by another bird. It turned out to be a Bald Eagle being followed by a sea gull.

The Eagle had a tasty treat the gull was obviously interested in:

I watched them for a couple of minutes while they flew further and further west and out of sight.

That wasn't the only impressive bird I saw though:

Sadie appeared to watch the action from the nest:

I had the sudden urge to move to the east side of the park to get a different view of the nest: 

And wouldn't you know Bobby appeared and zoomed to the tree in front of me and landed:

Well hello!

He circled above the eastern edge of the park then joined Sadie in the nest:

Sadie left a minute after he arrived:

She flew around the area north of the park. She looked like she was pigeon hunting. 

Bobby eventually left the nest and flew north as well:

He dove toward park pigeons but then surprised me by landing on the park arch:

He had some talons in the pigeon deterrent netting but he was not trapped:

He flew over the park then disappeared northwest of the park.

Sadie flew back into the nest without me seeing at first:

She sat for 10 minutes before circling above the park and giving everyone a great acrobatic show:

She flew over the library and south of the park.

She returned nearly 15 minutes later and chased some pigeons before I lost her north of the park again: