Bobby artfully dives through the trees, Tompkins Square's female Hawk back in rehab - April 5th, 2018

The current view of the Washington Square Park nest from the ground:

I waited half an hour before one of the non-incubating Hawks showed up. It was Sadie, coming in to land on One Fifth Avenue: 

She rested for 4 minutes then dove off and headed right to the nest:

Bobby flew out and circled right above:

He dove into the trees in pursuit of pigeons:

He flew not much higher than people's heads at one point when chasing a pigeon through the eastern trees. The pigeon got away so he flew to the west side:

He hopped off his tree then flew deeper into the western trees:

Zoomed in:

I lost him for a while but then saw him as an bitty dot above the northeastern side of the park. He tucked into a steep dive and landed on the ConEd building:

That seemed like a good enough time to leave for the day so that I did.


In other Hawk news, Dora (the Tompkins Square Park female) had to be recaptured for care. Goggla has the full account in this post here

This is a big disappointment for so many (including me!) since it looked like Dora had resettled back into her home so nicely after having recovered from her last injury.