Nest switch and feathers for all - April 7th, 2018

I spent an hour and a half in Washington Square Park today and saw some pretty nice action. I was under a thick of trees when I saw my first Hawk of the day fly into the nest. I had no idea which Hawk it was though.

I saw who was definitely Sadie circling above the park 20 minutes later:

Circling high above the NYU Bobst Library (the location of the nest):

She disappeared south of the park. I couldn't find her so I returned to the park and noticed NYPD officers on top of the arch:

There were a lot of cops and people by the fountain and it looked like quite the scene. Someone in the crowd passed out pillows so I realized it was an annual Pillow Fight event.

Meanwhile, Sadie was sitting next to the green triangle on One Fifth:

A White-throated Sparrow was having a snack by some wet soil near me:

Many feathers were released during the pillow fight. Some of them floated in my direction and some of the birds collected feathers for their nests:

Bobby flew out of the nest and headed north:

He returned to the nest three minutes later but flew in so unexpectedly I had no time to zoom in:

Sadie flew in right after him:

Bobby stepped right toward the ledge and flew out:

He circled above the park then dove quickly northeast of the park:

I thought he might have landed on the ConEd tower but he wasn't there. I waited around a bit for his return but he didn't so I left for the day.