Back in the park! Nest visit and fresh blooms - May 5th, 2018

It had been nine days since my last visit to Washington Square Park and I was eager to see the Hawks in person again. This was especially so because the Hawks were new parents again and I was looking forward to observing their post-hatch behavior.

Sadie was standing up in the nest:

The weather was glorious and the park was full of new flowers and greenery.

I searched for Bobby for around 15 minutes before he appeared on the flag pole closest to the nest:

He was on his perch for three minutes before he leapt off, circled over the park square a few times, then disappeared southeast of the park.

A Black-and-white Warbler flitting about:

I saw Bobby back on the flag pole 20 minutes later.


He perched for 35 minutes before diving to the nest. One bird shrieked a warning call as soon as he moved. The birds that had been singing loudly nearby shut up during his flight.


I waited to see Sadie fly out of the nest but she surprised me by flying right in after Bobby:

Bobby left her with the kiddos. He had visited the nest for less than one minute:

Away he goes:

He circled the area just north of the park. It looked like he was circling low over the pigeon flock that hangs out there. He moved on and disappeared flying due east of the park.