Bobby guards the park, Sadie flies with lunch - May 11th, 2018

Bobby was on the southwestern corner building when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

Sadie was standing up in the nest:

Bobby jumped off his perch after 3 minutes and circled above the western side of the park before flying north:

Back to watching Sadie:

I had been watching Sadie for 25 minutes when all of a sudden I spotted Bobby on One Fifth:

I had checked that corner on and off while I watched Sadie so I had a good idea of when he landed.

Sadie started feeding the babies.

Bobby left One Fifth after 8 minutes but I lost where he went.

Another 15 minutes passed when all of a sudden Sadie stood at the nest edge with a morsel in her bill:

And.. action!

She took her meat toward the low buildings lining the eastern side of the park but I didn't see where she landed. She reappeared 2 minutes later and flew to NYU's Silver Center building:

She picked her talons clean:

 She then flew to a water tower ladder further back on the same building:


All of these perches are in eyesight of the nest. The Hawks could zip into the nest in 3 seconds if they had to. 

A bird started harassing Sadie so she chased it away from her. This might have been the fastest I ever saw her fly:

Bobby and she circled over the trees together then Bobby flew to the nest. Sadie followed him in.


Bobby out:


He spent the next 5 minutes flying high above the park before disappearing northward again:

I left Washington Square and was in a different park close by when I spotted an Ovenbird. Unfortunately it was in no mood to see me though: