Bobby out west, Sadie takes a nest break - May 9th, 2018

I had been in Washington Square Park for ten minutes before I spotted Bobby circling west outside of the park. He dove quickly toward the south after a couple of minutes. That was the only time I saw him today.

I found a cool and shady spot from which to observe the nest when all of a sudden a great shadow passed over the tree canopy. It was Sadie flying over the trees and to the nest:

She rummaged around in the nest for a couple of minutes then took some old prey bits away:

She brought it to the base of the old cross tower:

She moved over to the more perchy side of the base:

She soon turned around and faced the direction of the nest. She then spent the next half hour sunning and preening before returning to the nest:

I focused my camera on the nest in anticipation but Sadie had other ideas and landed on the ledge instead:

She walked up to the nest and the babes. I left the park grounds and looked for Bobby for a little while. He was nowhere to be seen so I left for the day.