Both fledglings doing great, bonus pics of House Finch visit - July 15th, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen both fledglings doing great over the last few days. They've been zipping through the trees, perching on buildings east of Washington Square Park, and even one fledgling eating on a building a block south of the park.

Below are bonus photos I took July 12th. The House Finch pair that's been palling around with F2 (the second Hawk to have fledged) perched on Silver with the fledgling.

The male, sitting on the corner:

The female appeared and flew around a bit, calling out at the same time:

The male followed her to the east/park-facing side of the building:

The fledgling walked toward the corner:

The fledgling started crying, as usual:

Both Finches took off as the fledgling approached:

Watching the Finches fly away: